Office Of The President

The St. Lucia Football Association (SLFA) in collaboration with the National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) and the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports created a National Coaching and Development Program. The program consists of two main parts, Training, development, Schools and Community Outreach and Football Administration and Development.

The objective of the Coaching Program is to create an avenue to reach every child in Saint Lucia to expose them and introduce them to the sport of Football. This program entails every district on the island and is managed by the Saint Lucia Football Association.

In an effort to develop the technical aspects, there must be a strong presence of football administrators who will drive the program and projects to ensure that there is compliance and can monitor and create the environment for the sport to thrive.

The Saint Lucia Football Association, NICE and the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports recommend the coaches who are vetted, trained and assigned to the schools, districts and teams. They are supervised to ensure that they comply with the standards as set by the Association.

The coaches are trained in basic coaching methods as well as are provided with basic information on Child Rights and Discrimination. The association’s Grass Roots director is responsible for the assignment and supervision of the coaches and calls regular meetings with them to get updates and provide information as it pertains to their assignments.

In the recent past, the Association has also used these coaches to help in the identification of talent at the district level for the preparation of national youth teams. We have also insisted that each NICE Coach must ensure that there exists a youth development program in the district being managed by the respective leagues.

The other aspect of this program is the provision of key administrators assigned who can help in driving the strategic plan of the Association. From time to time the Association makes requests for persons who it can use to deliver special projects and programs.

The Program which should have ended in the year 2015 has been extended to 2017 with the continued goal of improving and upgrading the sport of Football. The coaches, administrators and the Association are thankful for the opportunity to be part of the programme and will work hard to continue to develop football in a positive and progressive way.