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Scholarship Football Program

The St. Lucia Football Association (SLFA) Scholarship Programme is designed to provide support to Youth Footballers at schools who are disadvantaged. This project is strictly intended to impact the lives of the young persons to cause them to remain in Football and to ensure that the student takes his schooling very seriously.

The Saint Lucia Football Association in collaboration with Vizions Productions agreed to provide six scholarships in the 2015/2016 academic year.

The persons who received the Scholarships were:

Yakima Samuel, a resident of Rosseau Valley and student of the Ciceron Secondary was called to the National Under 15 Squad. Due to the existing poverty and her inability to obtain equipment and other essentials she still continues her talent in the sport of football and is considered and seen as a future player for Saint Lucia.

Janatan Matty, a resident of Riverside Road Canaries and a student of the Soufriere Secondary School participated in the Canaries Grassroots Programme. Janatan is also a member of the Under 15 and Under 18 District Teams.

Cassius Jones, a resident of Vieux Fort and a student of the Vieux Fort Comprehensive school has played for the Under 15, Captain of the Under 16 and Under 17 National Champions and Under 18. Cassius is also the Captain of the Vieux Fort Comprehensive School team. The SLFA has recognized his leadership qualities and his level of Maturity. He also demonstrates responsibility and exemplifies discipline and a positive attitude.

Neema Anderson, a student of the Vide Boutielle Primary School and a member of the VSADC Academy continues to be an outstanding player. Neema is always looking forward to training at the academy to develop her talent and dreams of making the Girls National Team very soon.

Alix Charlery, and Peter Charlery are students of the Mon Repos Primary School and their first love is football. They have never stopped playing the game although they on many occasions have to go hungry throughout the day. They missed school regularly and this was also coupled with the lack of School Books, Uniforms, shoes and meals.

The St. Lucia Football Association will continue its School Scholarship Programme to assist the Footballers who are in need as this will also develop their skills in the Sport of Football. We say thank you to VIZIONS Entertainment for partnering with us on this project.