Strategic Goals

Office Of The President

Five Strategic Themes were identified for which specific Strategic Goals were also developed, namely;

  1. Governance
  2. Youth Football
  3. Women’s Football
  4. Technical Development
  5. Marketing and Communications
  6. Finance and Revenue Generation

The following broad themes were developed for each Strategic Goal:

Governance: To restructure the SLFA for growth, using best practice in each area

Youth: To increase the number of young people (under 20) playing football by 50%

Women: To make football the sport of choice for the female population of St. Lucia

Technical: To achieve national teams’ excellence to improve the standard of every aspect of football at all levels

Marketing and Communications: To establish a professional marketing operation

Finance and Revenue Generation: To ensure the organisation is financially stable and sustainable

These five Strategic Goals inform the programs and the plans that would be determined for the next five years.