National League


The concept of a National League for the SLFA is based on the following ideology:

  1. That Member Leagues must control football in their jurisdictions
  2. That Member Leagues must organize age-based categories of football in their jurisdictions
  3. That Women’s football must be given special attention in order to make it attractive, visible, and self-sustaining
  4. That Referees and Coaches development programmes must feature high in member league programs as well as the national body
  5. That Member Leagues provide the SLFA with the best as well as prospective players for National Selection to the various national teams
  6. That the Statutory Body for Football, the SLFA must develop and implement elite type programmes for its Members, Coaches, Referees, Players, and Administrators

Consequently with these facets being provided Leagues will emerge as a natural phenomenon of the beautiful game.

The SLFA remains committed to the development of all the facets of the game and will continue to create avenues for development and progress.  The SLFA also emphasizes the role of the Member Leagues as it is important that they play their part in the development process.